Kingston is an ever expanding network of intensive colleges, deeply committed to thriving academia, outstanding institutional values and pioneering teaching pedagogy. Education at Kingston revolves around rigorous service to the community while solidifying one’s roots in the global market. Kingston is one of the benchmarked institutions of West Bengal offering magnificent infrastructural facilities amid a solemn campus for students to foster their innovative skills and creativity. Kingston Educational Institute aims to transform the young minds into global leaders of the dynamic world. Our institute is the perfect juxtaposition of industry and academia while nurturing the potentiality of nation building. Kingston is a multi-disciplinary educational institute that is globally connected, nationally relevant, and regionally transformative.


UGC has recently introduced the CSCS system. Kingston College of Science is affiliated to West Bengal State University Barasat. Examinations have already commenced in the new system. Foreign students are also eligible for admissions as per university norms.

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All the branches of library at Kingston are the guiding source of innovation. Each of each offer access to a selection of rare academic books, e-books, audio-visual materials- all towards refining the creative skills in you!

Libraries are spacious and well-equipped covering an area of 8,000 square feet.

There are more than 30,000 items including fiction/non-fiction, textbooks, curriculum guides and supplemental classroom materials, and educational media including CDs, DVDs, documentary videos, subscribed magazines, newspapers, and databases on all subject fields.

The E-resources include journals, conference proceedings, reports, and a whole lot of materials meeting the academic requirements of the user.

The digital library ensures potent searching and an enhanced catalogue display.


Ensuring a proper flow of knowledge, KEI provides 4 multi-purpose seminar halls. To equip the students with seminars on new-age technologies, seminars and interactive sessions are held by professionals.

The seminar rooms are fully air-conditioned enhanced with holistic environment and digitalized equipments.

Projection facilities are provided to conduct presentations and documentaries on relevant topics and events.

Seminar rooms are spread over abundant area capable of accommodating more than 200 students.


Practical frameworks are an important part of KEI curriculum. Laboratories at KEI are with all mod cons and are available to students offering futuristic navigation through experimentations.

Hi-Tech manual are provided to automated lab equipments.

Separate programming Lab for every student.

Workshops and Designing Labs.

Project Labs


KEI ensures smooth flow of education in every student’s academia. Their convenience is our responsibility and we believe that the road to success is absolutely free of obstructions. KEI offers a reliable, safe, and comfortable transport system for students.

We provide an array of multiple vehicles.

With spacious and comfortable seating arrangements.

Hassle-free and safe travelling is ensured.

Reliable services guaranteed.


Every nook and corner of a college cafeteria is crammed with moments of smiles and laughter. KEI cafeteria is a fun-filled corner for students and teachers to rejuvenate themselves while munching on some quick snacks or wholesome meals. KEI maintains a spacious and hygienic café offering rich platters of delicacies amid a warm environment.

Spacious & hygienic infrastructure.

Purchases available at student-friendly costs.

Meals and Snacks are available (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).


“Ragging is a crime condemned by the nation…”

KEI tolerates zero misconduct in the form of ragging or mental/physical harassment. Strict anti ragging policies are ensured while maintaining consistent student’s rehearsal cell.

KEI ensures a ragging-free campus.

KEI maintains a congenial environment for all students of every community. Here at KEI, every student is treated with equity in education and tolerance.

The punishment for those held guilty of ragging is in spirit with the UGC regulations prescribed to curb the menace.


KEI leaves no stone unturned to contribute to the student’s wellbeing. Every student is endowed with intensive medical assistance and care 24/7. KEI is not merely an entity of education but also a home away from one.

First Aid Help from trained personnel.

A well-maintained record book for recording incidents.

Protective equipments and blankets in every chamber.

Well-equipped examination rooms and beds.

24/7 ambulance services.

24/7 help desks.


Redressing the students’ grievances is one of our prime contributions towards making their education completely unsoiled. Grievance Redressal Cell at KEI aims to look into the complaints lodged by any student and build a responsive and accountable attitude in order to maintain a harmonious education atmosphere in KEI.

Regular feedback

Prompt and non-biased solutions

Responsive cell to student’s complaints on harassment


KEI isn’t just about academics it is equally committed to develop the foundation of its students on an all-round basis. Besides promoting academics, KEI offers a wide campus providing a recreational ground indulging students in extra-curricular activities under qualified Physical Education staff.

Campus is athlete-friendly.

It is spacious and eco-friendly.

Inter-college games are held periodically.

Outdoor facilities include football, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and much more.


Motivation classes are conducted periodically to direct students’ communication and their behavior towards a definite goal. To help them enhance cognitive processing and refine their communicative skills, KEI offers intrinsic sessions of remedy.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation classes are conducted.

Special classes for building up academic confidence and sense of belonging among students.

Regular mentoring and reviewing students’ conduct.

Language speaking classes for improvement of communication skills.

Continuous assessments to check students’ credibility.


KEI has ensured student indulgence via student mobile apps- making operations smoother and more convenient. Students can fetch and submit any information online through the app.

Digital attendance for students.

Records real-time attendance.

Attendance record sent online to students and parents.

Online fees payment through web portals.